La Jolla Pet Supplies

Product Delivery Service

For your convenience we do product deliveries to your home or business.
Orders must be a minimum of $60 and must be placed at least 24hrs in advance. $5-$10 delivery charge depending on location.

Spa Pick Up & Drop Off

Here at All About Animals, we understand how life can get busy. We have decided to offer to pick your pets up and bring them in for a spa day so your mind can relax at work while your pets are relaxing here.

La Jolla- No Extra Fee
Outside of La Jolla-call to inquire pricing. *Must make an appointment.

Anesthesia Free Dental Cleaning

We have partnered with an amazing team of Dental Hygienists from Canine Care Inc. to destroy the term "dog breath" everywhere. "Click here to print your $10 off coupon."

2010 Teeth Cleaning Price List
$110.00 Flat Rate

MONTHLY Maintenance Program
We also have a maintenance program where we clean your pet's teeth every month!

Monthly $21.00
Every 2 Months $42.00
Every 3 Months $63.00
Past 90 Days - Back to Flat Rate of $110.00

ID Tags

Solid Stainless Steel
With Enamel Tags

These tags are the cutest! Its great, you can mix and match the picture and color and they are mailed to your house. This works out great for all of our out-of-town visitors.

ID Tags

In Home Pet Care & Dog Walking

Good Buddies Pet & House Sitting

  • Feeding, Exercising, Brushing Pets
  • Daily Cleaning of Litter Boxes
  • Watering Indoor Plants
  • Bringing in Mail and Newspaper
  • Vet Treatment Assistance
  • Daily Health Monitoring
  • Taking Trash Out
  • Turning Light On and Off
  • Opening and Closing Drapes & Blinds
  • Tending Outdoor Garden
  • Pet Supplies Delivered